Recently Purchased Black Eyed Susans Have Drooped To The Ground

Question From: NEW YORK
Q: Hello Nancy. I bought some black eyed susans about a week ago. They have not bloomed yet, but today I noticed that all stems and leaves are drooped to the ground. They are still green and look alive, but not sure why they look this way. Do you know if there is an issue, or is this normal? Thank you

A: It is not normal. If you watered them well when planting and kept them watered so the soil remains moist they should be okay. However if the plants were purchased in a green house and planted in direct sun without hardening off they may be suffering from transplant stress. Try shading them with a screen or a floating row cover for a few days and see how they do. Do not fertiilize them. If they do not respond, return them. Best Nancy and HappyYardening