Recently Transplanted Maple Tree Is Drooping

Question From: Warren, Michigan, United States
Q: What causes a Regal Petticoat Maple tree to droop 2 wks after planting into the ground? We did everything as told by the Nursery where we bought the tree, it seemed fine after we planted it but now we've noticed the tree has drooped. We took a photo of the tree & took the photo to the Nursery , they said it needed water, sooo we watered it again with some fertilizer and it rained last nite, but it is still droopy. Please advise.

A: Any chance it was hit by frost? Established maples are just leafing out now. I never recommend buying trees that are fully leafed out before trees are in the landscape. They probably came out of a green house or a warmer zone. Do not fertilize the tree. That will not help. Keep the soil moist but not sodden. Good Luck, Nancy