Red Maple Tree Leaves Are Wilting And Drying Out

Question From: T. Iverson - Keller, Texas, United States
Q: I live in north Texas. Last year I had a nursery plant 3 red maple trees. I watered them 3 times each week during the hot summer as directed. The leaves wilted and dried. This spring the three trees were beautiful until this hot spell. Tree 1 has wilted and many leaves dried. Tree 2 is beautiful, and Tree 3 has partially wilted. They have all been watered the same. Why are two of my trees wilting?

A: Unfortunately I can't give you the answer. Balled and burlapped trees lose up to 2/3s of their roots when dug. Some trees are stronger than others. How they were cared for before planting, how they were planted, how much water you gave them and the weather all play a part in their ability to become established and thrive. I would have the nursery you bought them from take a look at them. Best Nancy