Red Salvia Leaves Are Curling

Question From: M. Nunez - NEW YORK
Q: Hi, My name is Melisa and I'm new to carrying for salvia. I've recently purchased red salvia from a locate garden place but they're not looking too great. When I brought them home I left them alone till night came. I then replanted them into their pot, pinched off the bottom leaves, and watered them. The next day it was bright and sunny, their soil was moist and just a little breeze out side. But by the end of the day their leaves curled and have been that way since. It's now been a week and still their leaves are curled. I thought that maybe it's the sun so I gave them indirect lighting but no change. I used Fox Farm potting soil: and some mulch on top. What could be wrong?
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The fact that they were not looking too great when you bought them is a clue. You planted them in a top of the line potting soil and watered them. Salvias are sun lovers so unless they came from a green house that should not be an issue. So I don't know what the problem is. Take them back and get your money back. Please take my advice and don't invest your time and money in poorly cared for plants. Best and Happy Yardening, Nancy