Remove Moss And Clover From Lawn

Question From: R. McMurry - ARKANSAS
Q: I have a yard with both Centipede and St. Augustine. Also a lot of trees that were "limbed up" several years ago. I live in South Arkansas in zone 8. In my back yard I have a lot of some type of moss growing. In my front yard I have a lot of what looks like some type of 3 leaf clover in large patches. Oh, and my front yard faces west and my back yard faces east I have already put out a fertilizer with a weed control element, before this "clover" sprung up. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


Richard, Unfortunately I am unfamiliar with the care of warm weather grasses such as Centipede and St.Augustine. I suggest you contact your local horticulture extension service or talk to the turf expert at your local independent garden center. I will say the weed and feed products are all but useless in getting rid of established weeds. You need to get a liquid product labeled for your type of grass and the kind of weed or weeds you want to get rid of. There are also herbicides that kill mosses, but broad leaf weed killers will not do the job. I believe Bayer makes one called Bayer 2 in 1 Moss And Algae Killer that comes as a hose end sprayer. Hope this helps, Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.