Removing Ground Cover Weed From Hosta Plants

Question From: K. Rogers - Detroit, Michigan, United States
Q: Hi Nancy, I have Hosta Plants in my back yard, and they come back every year - not much work involved, pulling weeds, etc. but, last year, I noticed that in addition to the taller wild weeds, there was weeds that were like ground cover. Now. Spring, the ground cover weeds are taking over my Hostas, and don't want them to stop the growth of the Hostas. Can I use a weed killer like Round-up to kill the weeds, but not harm my Hostas? If not, could you give me some tips on what to do? I want to get to work before the Hostas start to get taller. Thank you.

A: You can use Round Up, but you must be very careful. It will kill any live plant material it touches. I suggest you use a paint brush to coat the leaves of the ground cover. Fiddley work, but it works. Wait until you see the ground cover actively growing. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy