Removing Pressure Reducing Disk In Soaker Hose To Get More Water

Question From: F. Savelli - NEW YORK
Q: I just got a soaker hose and added to a automatic sprinkler zone via a1/2 inch pipe. Its set to run 45 minutes. I took out the small disc pressure reducer so as to put out more water. With the disc in not much water was coming out. Now it seems OK. Am I doing anything wrong here> I live in Long Islnd NY. Thank you Frank


Frank, I am not qualified to answer that question. I suggest you talk to an old hat who works in a plumbing supply shop. I would set a couple of tuna fish cans under the hose and measure how much water comes out. The garden needs an inch to an inch and a half a week and that includes Mother Nature's contribution. Too much water is not good. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.