River Birch Tree Has Worms Eating Leaves And How Much To Water

Question From: T. MACH - NEW YORK
Q: Just planted a River Birch (8-9 ft tall) a week ago and we just noticed these yellow-green worm like insects on the tree that are eating the leaves. The leaves have holes in them. what can we do to get rid of these pests. Also how much do we water the birch? Thank You

A: Take a photo of the worms and possibly a bagged live sample to an independent nursery or garden center that sells these trees for an accurate ID and control. The tree should be watered daily by soaking the entire root ball for the first week or two, depending on the weather. Then water every three days for another two weeks. From then on water enough and often to keep the soil in the rootball moist at all times. Best and Happy Yardening, Nancy