River Birch Tree Is Leaking Water And Has Yellowish Growth Where Large Branch Was Cut Off

Question From: L. Harris - Anderson, South Carolina, United States
Q: I have a mature river birch tree which during an ice storm about 3 weeks ago had a very large branch to break near the base of the tree. A friend used a chain saw and cut the large branch off. I noticed yesterday that the "stump" of this large branch is pouring water like a leaky faucet. On this "stump" is what appears to be some sort of yellowish growth. There are three remaining large branches to the tree. What should I do for the stump and the remaining tree?

A: Lina, let nature take her course. Birch trees like maples weep excessively when damaged in the spring. If the tree is not too disfigured, leave the tree be. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy