Rose Bush Leaves Have Developed A Shiny Light Brown Bronze Sheen

Question From: M. Hutchison - Newaygo, Michigan, United States
Q: Hello! If it's not one thing it's another with one or all of my beloved 9 rose bushes. My two new plants, bought together at the same place, Angel Face and In Love, both had a couple leaves that were a shiny mid to light brown/bronze sheen to them. Now most of the leaves on both plants are like this. The foliage was a deep leathery green. I can't find any explanation for this online. Can you please help me?! In Michigan
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A: The leaves look sun scorched or chemical damaged to me. If they came from a covered area and were planted out in full sun, that would do it. Also, drift from a sprayer containing an herbicide might damage the leaves. There is nothing to be done for the damaged leaves. Keep an eye on new growth. Do keep them well watered if Mother Nature doesn't do the job. Best Nancy