Rose Bushes Have Lost Most Of Their Leaves

Question From: Grants Pass, Oregon, United States
Q: i had 3 foot tall rose bushes doing well this summer , i went away for 3 days and the leaves are almost gone. one plant looks like a stick i don,t see bugs i do have deer but never have they messed with them i did have someone home and watering them ( my son who may have over or under watered but they go water. i am not a gardner nor have any type of green thumb . i only planted these 3 years ago in honor of my father in law who did gardning. any help i would sure thank you. Gordon

A: Deer love roses and have been known to strip bushes. Keep the bushes well watered and mulch them with an inch of good compost covered by aged wood chips or tub ground yard waste mulch from a landscape supply house, not the bagged stuff from big boxes. In late winter fertilize them with rose tone. They should leaf out again and be fine. I use a product called Plant Skydd to keep deer at bay. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy