Rose Leaves Have Lots Of Holes And Home Remedy To Spray On Rose Bushes

Question From: Garden City, Michigan, United States
Q: A few years ago, you gave a home remedy to spray on rose bushes. My leaves are being eaten by something as there are a lot of holes. May I have your solution recipe once again?

A: You have rose slugs - tiny green worms on the undersides of the leaves. I don't remember the recipe, but here is a classic using Murphy's Oil Soap. Use this in the morning or evening and test for damage first. 1 Tsp. Murphy's Oil Soap 3 TBSP Cayenne pepper I TBSP Vegetable Oil I Quart warm water Mix together and spray the plants. Be sure to hit the undersides of the leaves. I'd add a few drops of Tea Tree Oil to ward off powdery mildew. It's an anti-bacterial Good Luck, Nancy