Rosemary Hedges Have Spider Mites And Are Turning Brown

Question From: g. stephens - Wildomar, California, United States
Q: my rosemary hedges are dying (turning brown) i have many spider mite webs on the plants and have had the hedges for several years. my hedges are turning brown this year. i fertilized them this month and am watering them every other day to get the fert in the ground. can i get rid of the spidermites with the pink solution i used when i used to grow weed?? and do u think this is my problem?

A: Your secret is good with me. But I am not familiar with the "Pink Solution". If Spider mites are listed on the label it should work. However, since you are going to eat this stuff, I would want to be sure it's certified for use on edibles. You will need to reapply it every 7 days until the mites are gone. Hosing them off with a stiff stream of water will also knock them off. Rosemary like to run on the dry side so you are overwatering. Too much fertilizer will result in a reduction in flavor. Happy Yardening, Nancy