Round Baseball Size Fungi Are Coming Up In Middle Of Lawn

Question From: D. McNeely - New York, United States
Q: Over the past three years we have been getting a growth near the flower beds and in the middle of our lawn. You first notice a raised area of about an inch or so and when you dig it up it is grey, round the size of a baseball and has holes in it. We showed them to our landscaper and he had no idea what they are. This year, so far, I have dug up 32 of them and last year about the same amount. I have looked up mushrooms of all kinds, but have not found these on any website. Do you know what we are dealing with? Our landscaper said to use gloves and a shovel when removing them, bag them and just throw them away. They are awful looking and I am concerned for the dogs we have.

A: I can't help you on this one. I am not a fungi specialist. Dogs are usually smart enough to avoid poison shrooms. Try making a solution of half water and half bleach and douse the area with it. It may kill whatever it touches so do so carefully and don't spill it on your clothes. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy