Sedum Purpureum Severely Damaged By Hail

Question From: A. D'Andrea - KANSAS
Q: I"ve worked very hard in my garden. Last night we had nickle size hail and it ripped my Sedum purpureum to shreds, I have over 20 plants. Some only have stems left. What can I do to save them, they probably won't flower this year, but will they come back next year? I have a big job of now having to cut back all my Peonies, Iris and Day lilies....but I know these plants will come back. Hoping you can give me some direction. thank you

A: Sorry for your loss. It must be heart breaking. The roots of these plants are still healthy, so cut away the damaged material and keep the soil moist if it does not rain. It should sprout new growth. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.