Seed Success Of New Coneflower Varieties

Question From: R. Barber - MICHIGAN
Q: I read your article on Echinacea `Cheyenne Spirit` and have never heard of this variety or the fact it would bloom from seed the first year. I have had an `old line ` purple coneflower in my garden for years and they reproduce from seed very well. That being said, I have had little or no luck with the new varieties of coneflower with the exotic colors. They don`t seem to be hardy at all, and a few dollars went down the drain along with them. Any thoughts on this? Thanks Russ P.S. Finches love the coneflower seeds in the fall!


Russ, the new kids on the block that you have had spotty success with are grown in petrie dishes or rooted cuttings from plants grown in petrie dishes. Cheyenne Spirit came from seed. I talked to the folks at Walter's Gardens in Zeeland, MI - wholesale growers, and they said it overwintered well in their trials. I have seeds I will be starting this week. I have several of the new varieties of cone flowers that have over wintered in my garden. One thing I do not do is much fertilizing. Mostly just OrganiMax compost in the spring. Wish I could give you more information, but we will have to wait and see. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.