Seedlings Green But Lying Down Reference On How To Grow Seedlings

Question From: C. Dishman - Detroit, Michigan, United States
Q: First time seeder, using bio diomes and seedlings grew 1 1/2" then started to sag. Still green but lying down. Tried park seeds, renees and wayside for help. What's wrong too much humidity or something else. Any sources I can reference. Thanks

A: Sound like a disease called damping off. Start again using fresh soil. Wash the tray with bleach and water at a 10 to one ratio. I pre moisten my potting soil ( I use Hoffman's seed starting potting soil) by mixing 3 parts soil to one part water. Leave it overnight and then plant. Water enough to keep the soil moist but not sodden. I soak my seeds overnight before planting to hasten sprouting. Get a copy of Nancy Bubel's seed starting book published by Rhodale. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.