Shasta Daisies Filled With Aphids

Question From: Massachusetts, United States
Q: as my shasta daisies open i find they are filled with aphids and it looks like the aphids are going to ruin every blossom.....i probably have 300 buds in my garden that have not come out yet. what should i do or use to prevent my usually great display of big healthy looking daisies being destroyed by aphids.?

A: Oggie, You can use one of two products. Captain Jack's  Dead Bug Brew by Bonide contains Spinosad. It is environmentally friendly. Use at sundown when bees have left the garden. Repeat every 3 or 4 days. AzaMax would be my choice. It's OMRI listed ( safe even for edibles)  Made of azadiractin fom the neem tree. You can get it on Amazon or at a hydroponic store. Best Nancy and Happy Yardening.