Shasta Daisies Have Small Polka Dots On Leaves

Question From: Riverside, Illinois, United States
Q: RE: Spots on shasta daisies Been through your disease section, but doesn't quite look like what is "bugging" me. Shasta daisies have what appears to be small polka dots on the leaves. It started last year - just thought it was a bad year, but it has appeared this year. Daisies are next to phlox. They are in full sun. It is only May and already the spots are on about half the plant leaves. If I discard the leaves ... there won't be much left of the plants. Your input is greatly appreciated

A: That is the work of the 4 - lined bug. If new leaves are clear, it had done it's damage. It doesn't kill the plant, so leave the leaves in tact. New growth will cover the damage. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy