Shasta Daisies Wilt And Turn Yellow

Question From: C. Clinard - Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Q: Hi Nancy- I plant Shasta daisies every year. By the second week, the leaves start to look wilted, stop blooming and begin to yellow. This year, I carefully put vole cages on the root ball to prevent them from eating tender roots. It seems like something is sucking the life out of my plants one at a time. Everyone tells me how easy daisies are to grow but I’ve had a terrible time. I’ve not had any time to fertilize. I’m deadheading daily. Please help. You can see it’s beginning to spread to my next plant.
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A: I believe your daisies have a virus called asters yellow. It is fatal. Dig them up including all the roots and put them in the trash. Plant your replacement elsewhere. Good Luck and Happy Yardening, Nancy