Shasta Daisy Blooms Only Last For A Very Short Time

Question From: Old Lyme, Connecticut, United States
Q: My shasta daysies only bloom for a short period of time. The flowers dry up and fall off. I am left with stems

A: Strange, could be heat. When it hits the 90's flowers don't last long. Mulching the soil with a good organic mulch, such a fine pine bark will help hold moisture in the soil so the plant can take it up. Side dressing with a good quality compost before you mulch will help. Also fertilizing with a low nitrogen fertilizer such as MAXSEA Bloom formula (3-20-20) every couple of weeks is another floral boost. Water before you fertilize and apply it early in the morning or at sundown. Don't fertilize when the temps go over 85 degrees. Also deadhead spent blooms. That should do it. Best Nancy