Should Anti-transpirant Or Burlap Be Used To Protect Plants From Winter Cold

Question From: Mequon, Wisconsin, United States
Q: Nancy, my mini-arcade junipers, concorde barberries, green gem boxwoods and tautoni yews were planted 7 wks ago (8/20) in zone 5b. Should I use antitranspirant spray and/or burlap and/or ??for winter protection? Thank you. Ginny

A: There are no guarantees in life and cold weather is predicted, although not as bad as last year. So if winter damage is going to break your heart, I would protect them. If you use an anti-transpirant read the label carefully.. Do not use WILT STOP on any variety of arborvitae, cedar, cypress, chamaecyparis, juniper, sequoia, dwarf conifer or similar plant species without testing first.. This list is from Bonide's Wilt Stop. The issue is phototoxicity. But if you wrap them after you spray and you spray on a cloudy day that should not be a problem. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.