Should False Cypress Planted Late In Fall Be Covered For Winter Cold

Question From: C. Mullen - MINNESOTA
Q: I planted 2 - Sungold Threadleaf False Cypress probably a little late into Fall this year. I have them planted in a little area next to the entry/ garage along a stone wall for now until I move them next year. They were looking well until Tuesday (5 days ago) when the temperatures dropped and it snowed an inch. I'm sure the ground has already begun to freeze to some depth. I had watered them about 2-3 days prior. Since the cold temps. they became lackluster, droopy, thin looking but haven't lost anything. Maybe they're freezing? I added a little more mulch today, avoiding the stem and extending about 4 inches beyond the canopy of the bushes. I'm worried about them and feel them slipping away. Do you think it would help if I cover them with some burlap or throw a sheet over them and the ground to help warm them? Can they bounce back somehow? Please advise me on how I can care for them ~ Thank you

A: This shrub has weeping needles to begin with so a bit of snow and added moisture (eight) will make it droop even more. It is zone hardy (4) so should be able to withstand the cold. Wrapping the shrubs in burlap will help prevent wind burn but will not keep them warm. Wrapping or a screen may be wise it the shrubs are exposed to winter sun as well as wind. Here in Michigan landscapers continue planting trees and shrub until the soil freezes to the point they can no longer dig it. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy