Should Fertilizer Insecticide And Fungicide Be Used To Protect Young Mountain Ash

Question From: T. MICHAELS - Dumfries, Virginia, United States
Q: We recently planted, last early fall, a 'Showy' Mountain Ash, probably about a 6 yr.old tree, in Zone 4/5 of the U.P. of Michigan. We are hopeful of success and years of enjoyment ! In order to "help it," is there a fertilizer stake product with a combination of systemic fungicide and insecticide to ward off the various funguses and that borer pest I have heard it is attacked by? So I guess I am looking for an easy prevention product to increase our chances for success ! We do have it planted in near-full sun and well-drained soil. Thanks for any advice.

A: I do not recommend using chemicals to "ward off" pest and diseases. Get the advice of a certified arborist in your area on how best to treat your new arrival without harming the tree. To find one in your area go to and enter your zip code. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy