Should Gladiola Bulbs Be Discarded If Soil Has Root Nematodes

Question From: KANSAS
Q: I have root nematodes in my soil. Do I need to discard the glad bulbs I dug up this FALL?

A: I don't have any experience with root nematodes as they are not common where I dig in the soil. That said my research says they do attack gladiola bulbs. If you did not see damage on the plants this year you might try using them again, but I would not plant them in soil that is thought to be "clean" as you risk spreading the pests... Google responses said a hot water treatment ( rinsing them in hot - not boiling water) may rid the bulbs of the pests. I would contact the Co-operative Extension Service at the University of Kansas for controls used in your area. Good Luck and Happy Yardening, Nancy