Should Impatiens Be Planted This Year And Is There A Variety Of Tomato That Can Better Handle Michigan Weather

Question From: S. Hammarskjold - Dearborn, Michigan, United States
Q: I have two questions for Nancy, as I plan out this years garden: 1- What is the status of Impatiens? Will I ever be able to grow them in my garden again? I miss them! 2- My tomatoes (other than grape or cherry) have been a disaster these past few years. Is there a variety that can handle our Michigan weather better than others? Maybe I'd have half a chance of some tomato sandwiches this summer.

A: Shelly, I cannot tell you if it is safe to grow the old fashioned impatiens. Few are available and those who grew them last year had mixed rates of success. I cannot recommend growing them at this time. My go to tomato is the Burpee 4th of July. It is a small tomato - about the size of a golf ball, but has good flavor. I slice them up for BLTS. Close your eyes at the first bite and you will be happy. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy

Comment: Thank you very much Nancy. I once saw you speak at Dearborn's English Gardens and really learned a lot and enjoyed your sly sense of humor!

Response: Shelly, I will be there again on Garden Party weekend the first weekend in April. Best Nancy