Should Potted Crepe Myrtle Be Overwintered Indoors

Question From: Ridgefield, Washington, United States
Q: We bought a crepe myrtle down in LA and brought it up to Washington in August. The weather in the northwest ranged 10 degrees cooler at the time. Then the rains came a couple of weeks ago and now the plant (still in the pot) has lost almost all its leaves. Do you think it got a climate shock? If so, should I just bring it inside the garage and see if it will sprout next spring?

A: I don't grow crepes , so I cannot give you a pat answer. I do think your plant is suffering climate shock. That said, if you have the time and mentality to save the little guy, give overiwintering in the garage a try. Just be sure to keep the soil slightly moist. A few ice cubes every so often should do the job. Best Nancy and Happy Yardeing.