Should Tall Pine Trees Be Taken Down For Safety

Question From: East Islip, New York, United States
Q: Hi Nancy, I have 6 -7 tall white pine trees along the backyard fence. My neighbors are worried about them falling into their yards. Mostly the branches breaking if a snow or ice storm causes damage. (They withstood our Long Island, "Sandy" hurricane). I do understand their concerns; but I don't want to take them all down. They give character to our yard, along with shade to our upper room of the house. The issue is, one has a soft inner wood near the base, waist high. An arborist stated, "this tree should come down, it's a matter of time it may fall". Is this soft white bark that can be pushed in with a finger, a sign of death? Or is it the soft inner bark of the White Pine tree? Also, if I remove this one, will the winds cause the one next to it, to sway more if I take this one along with two others down? I have my concerns about angles of trees. Where does the strength of the tree live? Not sure what to do with it? and a few more....thank you!

A: I would always go along with an arborist. If you don't trust his or her judgement get another opinion. I saw 6 healthy mature pines go down like bowling pins when a wind shear hit Lake Orion a couple of years ago. You could be liable if that tree damaged your neighbor's property. Best Nancy