Should Tomato Branches Be Trimmed Or Pruned During The Growing Season

Question From: T. Szatkowski - MICHIGAN
Q: Should I trim or prune tomato plant branches during the growing season? I seem to have plants that grow wild, the first fruits are very good, but near the end of the season they are very small and don't seem to mature to a good size. I plant them in pots that are about 18 inches in diameter, 18 inches deep and I put a shredded wood mulch when I plant them in spring. Also, how do you keep the tomatoes from splitting? I had some beauties, but before they turned red, the split from the stem about halfway down the sides. Thanks. I really like your articles in the Free Press and the stuff you send in the newsletter.


Tom, to prune or not to prune is an age long question. I will be blogging about tomatoes in spring and will address that issue then. Your tomatoes split because of water and heat issues. While the plant is growing the fruit it can't take up water fast enough on hot days. That causes splitting. Not much you can do about the weather. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy