Should Violets Be Considered Weeds

Question From: A. Zorach - PENNSYLVANIA
Q: I found your page about Violets being aggressive weeds in lawns. I was disturbed to find a whole page about methods to control violets, but nowhere do you offer the most common-sense and environmentally-friendly solution: stop thinking about the violets as weeds and start thinking about them as wildflowers, contributors to natural beauty. Violets are also one of the few flowers in lawns in America that are actually native to the region. Many of the other flowers (like dandelions, common plantain, etc.) are introduced from Europe and do not have as much value for the native ecosystems. I would like to call for you to revise your article on violets and emphasize that there is no need to control them--you can view them as beautiful and part of a healthy lawn.


Thank you for taking the time to express your opinion (which will eventually show up on our website). I'll bet your lawn is lovely. Happy Yardening, Nancy