Should Willow Tree Be Used To Solve Above Ground Water Problems

Question From: M. Almaleh - NEW JERSEY
Q: Hello, I live at a bottom of a hill where houses were built without any planning and any kind of public sewer. Imagine that. Romans had sewer system 3000 years ago. Anyway. All of the water above and below ground collects at the top of my yard. Yard is always wet. Soil is acidic and very, very rocky. Our town and surrounding tows were build around a granite mountain system. To control the water I was thinking of planing a willow or linden tree. However the more I read I think it may not be a good idea. I would plant it diagonal from the house about 60 to 80 feet away. My concern is our neighbors septic system would be very close and our well will be about 30 feet away. I understand that their roots seek water, And I thought it may help absorbing the water on surface, or would the roots head towards the surface. Any advice? I asked i few nurseries around they seemed to be clueless. Thanks in advance


People tell me these trees, especially willows,  can smell water and sewage a quarter of a mile away. They will go after the tiles around your house, your well and your septic system as well as your neighbors. Better to get a landscape architect to design a drainage system. Ever think about putting in an outdoor cistern and put in rain gardens? Must have been a nightmare when all that rain came. Best and Happy Yardening, Nancy.