Six Inch Round Holes In Lawn With Marble Sized Balls Of Dirt On Top

Question From: J. Hancock - Bokeelia, Florida, United States
Q: I have 6inch round holes in my lawn. They are slightly raised and it looks like balls of dirt on top about the size of marbles. I have stepped on it and shoved it aside an see nothing. Today a small tree 3 feet high just curled up and died. Now there are two more spots. What do you think I can do. It is not soft around it like a mole would do. Please help

A: Jerry, I have checked with professional greens managers in Florida, and they are unable to diagnose this problem without a photo. I suggest you take a couple of photos to your local independent garden center for a diagnosis. If you golf, talk to the greens manager. Please let us know what you find out. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.