Six Year Old Climbing Hydrangea Has Never Bloomed

Question From: M. Baron - Germantown, Tennessee, United States
Q: Our climbing hydrangea is nearly 6 years old and we have yet to see any flowers from it. It's healthy, green and yet there's no flowering. What advice do you have for us this Spring?

A: This is a shade loving plant that prefers moist organic rich soil. It blooms on year old wood so if pruned in spring, fall or winter you will cut off all the flower buds and it will never bloom. Over fertilizing will also keep plants from blooming. The pros tell us that they don't really need fertilizing unless the leaves are yellowing. Yellowing of leaves could be caused by lack of iron or too little nitrogen. All that said, if the plant looks healthy it's probably an age thing, Climbing hydrangeas can take years to blossom. I recommend you give it another year and just keep it well watered. It will be worth the wait. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy