Sky Pencil Holly Leaves Turning Yellow And Brown

Question From: s. duncan - Diamondhead, Mississippi, United States
Q: i have some sky pencil holly where some of the leaves are yellowing to browning .any ideas on what it could be or to correct it

A: Could be one of a dozen problems. Too much water, not enough, not enough sun. It may need iron. Feeding it Ironite according to package directions. Also hollys can loose up to 1/3 of their leaves in spring. It's Mother Natures way of keeping the tree looking good. Check to see if the new growth is yellow, if so, you have a problem. That's when I would call in a professional. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy

Q: here is a picture of one of the sky pencil holly.are you saying add iron to my plants these plants are shaded a bit.any sugestions BY LOOKING AT THE PIC

A: Scott, I gave you my best shot. Lots of hollys suffered weather damage last winter. I would keep them well watered and have a professional look at them. Best Nancy