Small Black Bugs With Yellow Stripes And Orange Head Are Damaging Forsythia

Question From: A. Woodall - GEORGIA
Q: I have found 1/4" bugs, black bodies with yellow stripes and an orange head, sucking the new leaves on my forsythia, which curl up and die. Once they kill the new growth, they travel down the stem to the next leaves to suck them, leaving roundish brown spots about 1/16" in diameter or smaller. Thanks for your help!

A: I think your plant is under attack of the 4-lined bug. Google photos of the 4 lined bug. It's life cycle is about 6 weeks. One method of control is to cut the plant back and new growth will be clear of damage. For a spray control look for a spray at an independent garden center or nursery labeled for use on this insect. Remember however they will be gone by the first or second week in June. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy