Small Holes Throughout Yard After Cicada Invasion

Question From: OHIO
Q: This summer I had a major cicada invasion and my yard was covered with small holes where they emerged. Now it seems like all of these holes are being covered with a combination of dirt, leaves, dead grass, sticks, even small rocks by something. Everywhere in my yard I am finding these clumps and if I pick them up, there are the same small holes I saw after the cicadas emerged. They are everywhere and it's making me very uneasy. I have a lot of bare patches in my lawn due to dogs and the drought we had. My grass is being overrun with weeds, so I know it is in stress. I see tiny white moths flying around at ground level and wonder if they are somehow capable of building these little mounds. No matter how many of them I pick up, they seem to be back the next day. I am afraid of a major invasion of some sort.


I can't answer this one. I suggest you have a professional do an onsite inspection. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.