Snowball Viburnum Has No Flowers Below Top

Question From: Reedsburg, Wisconsin, United States
Q: regarding my snowball Viburnum, it flowered on parts of the top (large bush) and no flowers lower down, I talked to a nursery guy and he said if it was a borer, there would be small holes on trunk - we checked, there is, we took out the ones you can see but will it affect the whole bush? wondering if I need to plant something else there, as that is part of my landscape. Is there anything I can put on to stop it from spreading? thank you

A: Agnes, click on the following link for information on viburnums that are resistant to borers and how to treat for them:
For replacement shrubs visit your independent garden center for advice choosing shrubs that will grow in you conditions and not be bothered by these pests. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy