Soil Amendments For Vegetables

Question From: W. Dutz - MICHIGAN
Q: In your latest Yardener letter, I found an interesting article about tomatoes. In it you mention the use of Myke and Actinovate as amendments. Can these additives also be used for other vegetable plants? I am growing cucumbers,pepper, beans, shallots and fingerling potatoes and would like to improve my yield. Also if you have any other suggestions, I like to hear about them. P.S. I also compost and spread all my grass clippings and kitchen scraps. My garden is about 1000 sq.ft. Thanks for your help Bill Dutz


Bill, I use Myke in the red container in my veg garden and also Actinovate. I liquify my kitchen scraps and pour the stuff on the surface of the soil in late winter and very early spring. I stop a month before planting and don't resume until frost. Whole kitchen scraps attract animals and can take nitrogen from the soil as they break down. Will be starting a blog in a couple of months, Stay Tuned. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.