Soil PH Is 8 And Vegetables Are Poor Quality

Question From: Romeo, Michigan, United States
Q: I had my soil tested. The ph is 8. My vegetable plants are extremely poor quality. I add shredded leaves every fall to the beds. I have been told this is difficult to improve the problem. Why do I have this problem and how can I fix it? I have 6 6x20' raised beds, so this is a big area. Thank you

A: Till 2 inches of Canadian Sphagnum peat moss into the top four to six inches of soil this fall. Sulfer is also used to drop the pH of the soil and should be applied now. . Did the company that test your soil give any recommendations? Application rates vary depending on the soil type - sandy versus clay. I gardened successfully in soil with a pH of 7.6, using compost, shredded leaves and organic fertiilizers. Contact your county extension for advice. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy