Some Arborvitae In Row Have Dried Out Bottom Leaves

Question From: G. Le Breton - Oak Park, Illinois, United States
Q: I live in northern Illinois and last spring I planted a row of 6' arbor vitae. I planted them to root ball depth and have watered them once a week with a drip hose. Periodically I tested the moisture level at with a probe and all were in the moist/wet range. Now the bottom leaves of two of the trees (next to each other) are drying out, drooping and crumble in your hands. None of the leaves are brown at this time. The upper leaves of these trees are still moist and appear healthy. I am at a loss to understand why this is happening. Is this a symptom of improper watering or possibly disease/infestation. Thanks in advance for your insight.

A: The conditions ( the drainage or soil) under those two trees may be different than the others. I suggest you have a certified arborist do an onsite inspection and take a look at them. Best Nancy.