Some Hostas Are Stunted In Certain Areas Of Yard Even After Replacement

Question From: H. Friestad - Williams Bay, Wisconsin, United States
Q: I have several hundred hostas in my yard but there is one spot that every year when I replace stunted hosts with larger ones, the following year they are small, reduced in size. I also have three other spots in the row this year that have stunted plants?

A: Harold, I fear your hostas have a virus - hosta X that is fatal. I would contact your county extension officer. Your plants should be tested, as this stuff can spread and infect the rest of your treasures. When you replace stunted hostas, if you are not cleaning your tools with 70 percent alcohol you are infecting the new plantings. Google Hosta virus for more information. Good Luck Harold, sorry for the bad news. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.