Some Hydrangeas Are Not Blooming This Year

Question From: Howell, Michigan, United States
Q: My five hydrangea (macrophylla-Endless Summer, Nikko Blue, Forever & Ever) did not bloom this year except for 2 blooms on Forever & Ever. They are about 5-6 yrs old. They bloomed the first few years but not last year or this year. They are in part sun/part shade with a north and northeast exposure. This year was the first time I cut them back to about 10 inches. I fertilize with Holly Tone. Is it the weather or ?? My Annabelle, Incrediball and Pinky Winky are beautiful with lots of blooms. I've been thinking about transplanting some of them. Would it be best to transplant this fall or wait until spring? The new location would be west with shade but more sun than they are getting now. I read your column every week - great information - thank you. Thank you for your time.

A: Could be a combination of winter kill, lack of sun and pruning. Nikko Bluae do not re-bloom and winter killed the flower buds.Macs do need some sun and this year we had many overcast days so. Macrophyllas bloom on year old wood and should not be pruned after mid August. The increased sun will be helpful. Best and Happy Yardening