Some Lambs Ear Is Dead And Rotten

Question From: Eagletown, Oklahoma, United States
Q: Wilted /dead fungal disease on lambs ear. The rot started in one place and spread, interesting as not the whole area of 2sq. meteres at once. Some parts not infected yet. If I remove them is the soil infected, if I plant something else in it place? Should I some how steralise the soil. I live in Johannesburg South Africa. Extremes of heat and wet. Maybe I should try a different plant or may be put it in a shadier (not full sun) spot in the rockery?

A: It is not unusual for lamb's ear to turn funky in cold wet weather. If you cut it back hard it should come back when the garden dries out. The soil is not contaminated so you can plant other species in the area. Lamb's ears like full sun and fast draining soil. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy