Something Chewing Or Gouging Trunks Of Apple Trees And Blueberry

Question From: Tijeras, New Mexico, United States
Q: Hi Nancy~I have apple trees from seedlings to 5 yr old trees~this summer, I just noticed what looked like chew or gauge marks going straight up the trunk and along all the branches~like something was chewing a little, stopped, moved on just a litte and started chewing again~definite track marks of some kind~blueberry trunks and stems are getting it too~I sprayed sulphur insecticide~what could be doing this damage? Thanks, Kathi

A:  I think the culprit was animals. Squirrels and other climbers will chew the bark from shrubs and trees. Lower to the ground it could be voles, rabbits or mice. I use a blood based repelllant called PlantSkydd to keep animals at bay. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy