Spider Mites On Bonzai Shimpaku Juniper

Question From: l. garver - California, United States
Q: I have spider mites on a bonsai shimpaku juniper. I have tried lots of products, but so far have not won the war. I've used neem oil, insecticidal soap, Bayer 3 in 1 spray, Bayer All In One, and Mite-x. Someone suggested that I use Volk oil. However,after reading about it online, I worry that using it – especially this time of year – might harm the plant. That same website suggested I use a "lighter horticultural oil." What would be the name of a product that was his light horticultural oil? Is that what you would recommend? Thanks – Lloyd

A: Lloyd, My recommendation would be AzaMax from General Hydroponics. Its active ingredient is Azadirachtin. It's OMRI listed and safe for use on veg as well. Another secret is to target the undersides of the the leaves or needles. Spray two days in a row and again in six days. If you have a magnifying glass look for an new hatch. If you see one, spray again repeat the process. Some folks spray every other day till they are gone. They hatch about every three days. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy