Spirea Bush Has Larger And Greener Leaves But No Flowers

Question From: Charter Township of Clinton, Michigan, United States
Q: What caused the leaves on my spirea bush to become larger and greener. They did not flower for the second time either.

A: Sounds like excessive fertilizer. Lack of sun and/or too much nitrogen are the two most common reasons plants do not bloom. That would also cause the large leaves. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy

Q: None of your answers seems to be the cause, I am afraid that I might lose them. Do I trim them the same as always this fall?

A: You did not say what variety you are growing. Old fashioned varieties should be pruned after they bloom as they flower on old wood. Prune them now and you will cut off next year's bloom. New varieties are pruned in early spring. Cut them back by one half at that time to stimulate flowering and new growth. For more help take photos of your shrubs to Wiegand's Nursery and ask to talk to a shrub pro there. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy