Split Leaf Philodendron Stalks Droop Downward

Question From: p. gunning - Citrus Heights, California, United States
Q: My split leaf is in a very large pot in an outdoor shaded area Stalks are 4 feet long but hang over the edge of the pot and droop downward Have several new shoots but when they grow they start out growing upward but later also droop downward Same situation Winter or Summer I water it once a week and use a water gauge to measure the water need.How do I get the stalks to grow upright ?

A: As you read in Yardener.com - not enough light and not enough water can cause leaves to droop. Get a moisture meter by Luster Leaf and check the soil deep in the pot. In high heat the soil needs to be kept just moist. Also, your plant may need repotting. If it is root bound it will quickly suck up water. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.