Star Magnolia Tree Leaves Have Turned Black And Trunk Has Mold On It

Question From: L. Boyd - Joliet, Illinois, United States
Q: We have a 8 ft. Star Magnolia tree, it has always been beautiful. This spring we have had quite a bit of rain. Since then more and more leaves haven turned black. Then trunk of the tree has mold on it, and the tree looks like it' s dying. What can we do to save our beautiful tree? Help!

A: Lillian, call a tree doctor. Your tree may have more than one issue and it takes a professional to sort them out. Also tree professionals, certified arborists, have the necessary tools and chemicals available to treat problems that are not available to homeowners. A bad guess from an individual who has not looked at the tree may result in the unnecessary death of the tree. To find a professional on your area go to and enter your zip code. Good Luck and thanks for visiting Best, Nancy