Storing Dahlias Over Winter And Sphagnum Vs Canadian Peat Moss

Question From: MICHIGAN
Q: Nancy. I believe you have a mistake in the dahlia story of Aug. 14, 2020 Dahlias stored in sphagnum peat will dry out and die in over-winter storage. They do well in Canadian peat. Either way, they need a plastic vapor barrier ( with a small hole) to slow the loss of water from tubers. I raise 550-600 show-quality dahlias (100+ varieties) each year in Milford. Currently, I have 90+ varieties blooming. I store them in vermiculite. My mother used to use Canadian peat (40+ years) with a plastic sheet over the boxes. Bud

A: Bud, Thanks for the feedback. Seems there are many methods to store tubers. I have a couple of other recommendations to follow up on. By the way. Canadian peat is sphagnum peat. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy. PS can I quote you?