Sweet Gum Tree Leaves Are Curling And Yellowing Around Edges

Question From: M. Harrison - CALIFORNIA
Q: Northern CA. hot summers. Most days 85+ between May and September. Sweet gum tree is planted in the blvd between the road curb and sidewalk. 30 feet by 3 feet space with lawn. Roots are large, pushing against cement and some near surface of lawn. We water that space 8 minutes per day at 530am. The leaves on our sweet gum tree are curling up slightly and yellowing around the edge of the leaf. The texture of the leaf is almost fuzzy. In past years (the tree was planted in 2003) the leaves are deep green, flat and healthy.
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A: Your tree is suffering from heat and drought and is not getting enough water. These trees produce surface roots when the roots are confined and soil is compacted. They are seeking oxygen. Not a good choice for its location. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy